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How to Make Hubby a Cuckold?

22 July, 2008

I read about the guy who wants to be his wife’s slut but my problem is the opposite. I want to train my hubby to be a cuckold. We have been married for 12 years. He’s a good husband and a loving father but he’s got nothing to offer me sex wise. He doesn’t have much iykwim and he can only last a few minutes.

A friend of mine introduced me to a site where you can hook up with black guys and I was surprised to see how many women have made their hubbies cuckolds. They seem to love their hubby and be best mates with him but they have weaned him off sex and trained him to be submissive to the wife and her black lover(s). I think this could be the way forward for us. I’d love to keep my family but I want more from life. Like that guy I’m wondering how to tell my hubby.

I think for a good family a wife needs to love and respect her husband to give the children true values. In my own opinion, you should allow the children to grow and put their needs before your own. Sorry!

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  1. john permalink
    26 August, 2008 10:48 pm

    cuckolding is sick and degrading to sleep with other men means to let your husband sleep with other woman

  2. R & L permalink
    11 September, 2008 2:48 pm

    We have a very loving marriage, which includes cuckolding of husband. This has worked wonderfully for us in our own individual ways. Don’t be put off by the moralists.

    If you feel sexually satisfied you will feel more self-worth and you will make a better wife and mother.

  3. 13 September, 2008 5:33 pm

    I think it would be unfair to deprive him of sex, reward him sexually only when things are heading towards you having your urges fuklfilled
    give slow handjobs and begin discussions when he he close to cumming.

    Plan all your encounters careefully..and keep him included…

    • Daryl permalink
      6 November, 2010 10:17 am

      that sound so hot. i wish my wife would

  4. 26 October, 2008 7:51 am

    I envy him , and I wish my wife would cuckold me like this. oh well. I hope someone is reading this , and wants me. I want to be submissive , not just to my wife , but to others ; when I was young , my friends had a little song they sang ” chuckie is a friend of mine , he will do it any time , for a nickle or a dime , fifteen cents for overtime.”

    I wish they would make me crossdress and feminize me , The idea of being humiliated , out in public , is exciting . Accidently being propostioned , then pimped out and publicly humiliated , as they get me horney , and take advantage of me is very scary and much more .

    This is so wonderful – to be open like this . I want my wife to get all she wants , and the idea of serving more than one person thrills me . I want her to actively take part in this and to know that I want it too . I want her to be happy , and him to get what he wants . If there are more than one , I want them to all get what they want .

  5. 26 October, 2008 3:40 pm

    I get hornier again , just reading what I wrote .

  6. nigel permalink
    27 October, 2008 4:25 pm

    Cuckolding occurs when the lady falls in love with another man. This may mean the loving husband who is dedicated to her and their family has become a little too unexciting.Marriage has become a little too boring for her perhaps because he has not made her strive for his affection. In other words he has been a good husband and probabley father. But being good is not sexually exciting. The woman may find , as my wife did, that she has space as never before to pamper herself exercise tone and generally look years younger. This is a process young girls carry out to find a mate. Naturally it is not long before she attracts the attention of men. In my case a married man younger taller and better looking than me. In fact the sort of guy she would not have pulled when she was a young average looking girl. But now she is a MILF excuse the term a lady who is very attractive for her age available and steralised.Attach to that a moral bypass and you have the makings of a cuckoldrix. The effect on me the dedicated husband was almost a complete mental breakdown. I lost a years income as I could not function properly. My children were dramatically affected. I was reduced to borrowing money from elderly parents. I was by the way completly aware of the cuckolding fantasy to the degree I may have considered a controlled experiment with this. But cuckolding happens more as I described above when a completely immoral selfish woman just does as she feels regardless of the effect on others. Yes it is part of nature, yes woman do naturally look out for the attention of men. But come on folks we are not wild animals society has survived because we have got a grip on these so called natural desires. In fact because we all know such desires exist we are able to overcome them. Marriage after all is supposed to be about two people agreeing to stick with each other regardless of temptation for the better longer term good of both. Cuckolding is a short term excitement now instant gratification thing. How will the cuckoldrix feel in later years. In my case my eldest daughter knows about this. How will her mother face her in her later years say post 70 when all these desires are gone. Think about it ladies selfishness eventually hurts you more than you could ever hurt anyoner else. What goes around comes around.

  7. John permalink
    15 December, 2008 7:22 am

    Sounds like the best thing you should do is tell your husband you want to have sex with other men. If he’s into it, good for you. If he’s not, it’ll give him a chance to find a good divorce lawyer. I think it would be funny as hell for you to explain in divorce court over the custody of your kids what ‘cuckold’ means to the judge and how you wanted to make your husband into one. That should ensure he gets the kids and doesn’t have to pay your wandering ass any money. Maybe you’ll get lucky though and he’ll like the idea. If so, you married a wimp and an idiot…which is exactly what you’d want in a cuck, isn’t it?

  8. 16 January, 2009 5:58 pm

    cuckolding is not just sex with wife in husband knowledge it is fun when it is not attchments but it is worse when its relationship . so let it be fun .what u ppl say

  9. Godless Finn permalink
    25 April, 2009 4:05 am

    These black men are not lovers, but they are the male prostitutes. They are called “Mandingos”. The husband hiring a black man.

  10. maara7 permalink
    14 June, 2009 6:33 pm


    Do it.

    It is very …sexy..!



  11. Matt permalink
    25 July, 2009 7:09 am

    I’m not sure if I am as into it as some. I enjoy it on some level, but it was more so imposed on me. I made a friends with a couple and we decided to swap wifes. I didn’t think my wife would want to but she said ‘yes’ in the end. So we went at it in a hotel room one evening. Thing is, I was done with his wife in 10 or so minutes without her reaching orgams, but he fuck my wife hard for a good 40min. After a couple minutes rest he was hard again and they fuck for another half hour, different positions, my wife’s legs in the air, doggy style, her on top. I was too distracted with their fun and my incompetence as a man that I didn’t bother to try and have a second turn with his wife. All up my wife came 3 times, and then he fucked his wife to orgasm before he finally blew his second load and stopped.

    We have had him over to our house a number times since at my wife’s insistance, but he doesn’t bring his wife over. Now, since my wife feels she can trust him, and she is on the pill, he doesn’t even use a condom. My wife knows that I won’t leave her, that I will put up with it, so this gives her the freedom to do what ever she wants. She still loves me and we enjoy each other’s company, but when she goes out with the girls she stays out a little longer, her skirts and dresses are a little shorter. She never wanted to wear thongs when I encouraged her to before, she said they were unconfortable, but now she wears them all the time. She tans more often, and we have less sex.

    There is a rush in all of this, but it’s also a curse.

  12. thedog144 permalink
    4 March, 2010 1:24 am

    I don’t see any problem with including other people into your sex lives as a married couple, however, I do find a problem with trying to force them on someone. There are many people who enjoy swinging, threesomes, or other sorts of sex involving multiple people. I just feel the married couple should be doing it together, in it together, as a fun thing for the two of them. If this is just about satisfying the sexual urges of one partner there would seem to be a problem in the marriage.

    I think it is unfortunate to feel the way you do about your husband. I am wondering how you would feel if he expressed the same thoughts about you.

    I am not sure what advice to give you. Your post seems to be very selfish and not at all conducive to your marriage. My first thought is counseling for you as a couple. I am sure that I would react very negatively to my significant other telling me she would like to have sex with other men. I know these are my personal feelings, but described to me as you did in your post, I would be very hurt. I would hope that she would respect my feelings even if I chose not to indulge her; however, I feel that it would destroy some trust I have in the relationship.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  13. Rick permalink
    7 April, 2010 3:33 pm

    To John, Cuckolding means he does not have sex with other women at all! It is a very erotic and rewarding lifestyle to be a cuckolded man and marriages often last because of this! he either watches or waits at home for his hotwife and she rewards him with her well worked womanhood to eat and lick! he loves it and looks forward to it. Chastising him keeps his focus on wanting his wife sexually yet he will never have sex with his wife again but can have her stroke him while telling him all the details of her date(s)! It is very hot!

  14. 13 May, 2010 1:11 am

    New Social Sexual Hotwives and Cuckolds Social Network

    Free to Cuckolds & Hotwives

    A sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife’s pussy is her sole property and she alone decides which men she will fuck,even if it means denying her husband. His only access to her pussy is to clean it of the ejaculate of males that she chooses to fuck! A submissive husband with a wife who takes on alpha-male lovers whereby the wife’s sexual pleasures become the husband’s vicarious sexual pleasures and experiences.


    The term hot wife is often used to describe a happily married woman who enjoys intimate relations with other men, with her loving husband’s full and genuine support, but where he typically agrees to be completely monogamous with his wife. Both spouses derive satisfaction from the wife’s extramarital pleasures. The husband is not necessarily submissive, although the couple may role-play that the wife relentlessly flaunts her “infidelity” in front of her husband.

    AL & Vanessa

    Adult Social Networking

  15. RikCuk permalink
    20 May, 2010 3:46 pm

    My wife and I have been married for 23 years and I’d say the last 10 were less than sexually exciting! We love one another very much and I know that my wife is a very sexual person as I am too however, about 8 years ago, we were lying in bed fondling one another and just sharing fantasies or erotica. I was rubbing the back panel on her satin panties and I remember saying to her, “Mmmm these feel really sexy!” She said “They feel sexy on!” and with that, she went into her drawer and brought out a very sheer soft nylon panties and had me put them on. Upon doing so, I was as erect as an 18 year old! She loved that! One night she was very serious with me and said “I have been giving this serious thought and I want to feminize you! I laughed assuming it was in jest, She was not amused! She took my by the hand to her computer and had me sit down and read a story from a wife. My wife felt it would make things very spicy. I asked her just how far she was planning to go with this. Sje commented “Depends on what the outcome from trying it is.” I said, “Well, I am not very feminine and don’t even think along those lines. so how will it be truly effective?” She said “Leave that to me!” and so it went. Over the past 3 or 4 months, I noticed I was often feeling a bit tired and would end up in bed by 9:30PM. I was taking a shower and noticed my chest itched a lot afterward. It was then I noticed my nipples were pointy and swollen a bit/ I thought something bad was happening to me. I approcahed my wife with my bare chest and showed her. She had the biggest smile and said “Good! Good baby! It’s working!? I said “What’s Working?” “The hormones baby!. The hormones!” What? I said. ” I have been giving you a special cocktail every day twice to three times a day and it is finally starting!” “Even if yo stop now, you will continue to change so my recommendation if you want us to stay together, to complete the program!” “Understand?” (i’ll never forget that!) I needed to think. I just let it go and was checking everything I consumed but she was pretty good! I noticed my hips and buttocks was rounding out and my jeans were a bit snug there! It is two years later and I am a full time woman. After my breasts soared to a 44D, My wife sat me sown and told me that from now on, she was cuckolding me and will be having sex with other men! I was both stunned and devastated! I worked from home so I dressed in a sun dress, 3 inch sandals when she approached me, gave me a huge hug and kiss and asked me if I was able to talk. She announced to me, she was having her first date tonight and despite the fact that on the websites husbands go along with their wives, she wants our routine where I stay at home and upon her return she would tell me in detail about her date while she jacked me off! I sat there feeling my body shake and tingle with fear and uncertainty! I listened to her as she was getting ready. She looked amazing! I mean, amazing! I hear her as she was leaving and she ran back upstairs to my office and gave me a huge hug and french kiss and looked me dead in the eyes and said “I Love You So Much!” I’ll be late! I was a basket case for the entire time! Sitting in the dark squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples, I would occasionally stroke myself and due to the excitement, I had pre cum dripping along the sides! It was 3:20AM when I hear her come in the door. She looked beat! She saw me and came to me and jumped my bones with kissing and telling me how much she loved me. She made me lie down as she pumped me and told me all the step by step details! I came in about 3 minutes. My ejaculate is less now. She was renewed and so easy to be around! By now I had a completely feminized body! My wife was dating about 3 times a week when she hit me with this “I have to talk to you!” She sat across from me holding my hand and said she has been seeing only one man for about 2 months and she is having his baby!” I about passed out! She held me and looked me in the eye and said, “Look! your so feminized now, you couldn’t find a decent relationship if I tried and Craig (her man friend) wants to pay for you to be completely feminized and be the baby’s nanny!” I was numb and hurt and scared when she gave me a long hug and said she still loved me and wanted me to do this because Craig was moving in and if I wanted to stay then I’d have to do this! She begged me!  I agreed! I was afraid of being alone! I had the feminine facial surgery but Craig was now in control and didn’t want me to have the complete surgery! We didn’t get along very well and he would constantly threaten me when my wife was not in ear shot. My wife was 4 months pregnant and my facial surgery had healed and I looked great! I looked like a woman! Pretty too! I was hanging out with Craig and My wife one evening when I began to get really sleepy and tired. Craig poured me another glass of wine and When I awoke, My wife was holding my hand crying! I was dazed and still in a stupor! I asked why she was crying when I noticed I was in a great deal of pain! They had a woman physician friend come by and castrate me! Left my small shrunken penis! I was Hurt beyond belief and was planning a way to get out! My wife was crying for a few days when Craig came in to check on me and said “He was sorry it had to come to this and that I would be taking care of the sexual duties in about 3 weeks while my wife took it easy with the pregnancy. I became his love slave! My wife showed me how to orally please him and I learned to take it anally! This went on for about 6 to 7 months when after my wife had the baby! The baby was black! Craig threw a fit and they fought for days when he just up and left! Now the baby has two mothers! We are very happy again together! We moved half way across the country so no one would know!

  16. maya permalink
    17 June, 2010 8:44 pm

    Look, fetish is one thing.
    In your own case, its mostly cheating, that you want other men than your husband.

    cuckold lifestyle depends lot on bonding between two of you. Which right now, i dont suppose there is any.

    You need to take it easy. Maybe spice up your own sex life.

    And if you are adamant on cucking him, then start slow, like watching that kinda porn, turning him on by imagining you with other men, that stuff might work.

    But please be very careful as family always comes first & plz plz dont mess up with the children.

    All the best !!

  17. 6 July, 2010 11:06 am

    Well I think it’s a great idea…….. and I’d love to be on ther receiving end!…whcih I almost am…… you can read my story…..

  18. Adrian permalink
    25 December, 2010 9:42 am

    Wow that sounds like it sucks for your husband he should get a divorce I guess
    I’ve never been on his end of the isle always been the guy who was with another guys wife but I always felt bad after

  19. Larry permalink
    29 December, 2010 10:30 pm

    Lead him into manipulating you, so it’s his idea like my wife did. You will need to find a way to fulfill one of his fantasies. He needs to know that he is changing you sexually if you fulfill one of his fantasies and that there are risks in doing that. Not that you would intentionally seek to have sex with other men, but it could be a natural consequence for opening you up and exciting you sexually and that the risk concerns you. You don’t think that anything like that could happen, but there are risks for experimenting sexually. You must let him know you will not share him with another woman under any circumstances. Then just let him know you are willing to consider taking care of his needs if he wants to discuss it some other day, but that you really don’t recommend he bring the subject up again unless he is willing to take responsibility for his actions.

    If he brings it up again you really need not remind him, just tell him that you know he understands the risks because you’ve discussed it with him, but if he is asking you to fulfill his sexual fantasy you will do that with him. After that he just needs to be an honorable man. It’s a long term approach that can take a few months and there are ways to speed up the timeline if you are a little creative, but by taking the time to avoid a direct confrontation you can both get what you need.

  20. Tre permalink
    25 February, 2014 3:02 pm

    I’m glad I’m black. I don’t have to deal with this type of crap. In my opinion, cuckolds are weak. Probably some punk who couldn’t stand to lose his wife so he lets her have sex with other men. He fools himself into liking it because no one in their right mind would “love” to see their wife fucked by another guy. That’s a deal breaker. And if you enjoy watching another man naked in your wife and eating her out after, you must be gay or bi. I had a friend once who hesitantly asked me to have sex with his wife. I slapped the fuck out of him and told him he was “a man, she don’t run a thing. Unless you allowed to mess around with other girls as well, you tell her no.” He did and they got divorced. But you know what? He found someone that loves him. She a good looking islander and they know how to treat a man right. I hate when wives try the excuse, “he’s not doing enough in bed.” You’re obviously not trying to teach him enough. You can teach that man how you like to be ate out, you can get him some pills for the stamina and a bigger penis. You just want to(excuse this) fuck around. Hell if he is game then he’s game. This crap just isn’t for me.

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